Duct Mounts

For: Hydrocarbon series

The detector can be mounted on a special Duct Mount. The Duct Mount enables the detector to be rotated up to ±3° in the X-Y directions in order to provide fine alignment.

PN 794716-1


Commissioning/Alignment Kit

For: Hydrocarbon series

The Commissioning/Alignment Kit for standard and duct type units is required for commissioning and future maintenance checks. Only one kit is required per site.

The kit includes an Alignment Telescope PN 794110, a Magnetic Mode Selector PN 790285 and a Function Check Filter PN 794260-1÷5 for system testing along with socket keys for access to units.

PN 792247


Mini Laptop Kit

For: Hydrocarbon, Toxic Series

The mini laptop, pre-loaded with Spectrex software, enables the user to re-configure settings or perform diagnostics on all flame and gas detectors series.

Refer to manual TM777070 for programming instructions when using the Mini Laptop Kit. The kit includes cable harness with RS485/232 converter. The mini laptop is programmed with maintenance winhost  for all detectors' type.

PN 777820


USB RS485 Harness

For: Hydrocarbon, Toxic series

The USB RS485 Harness Kit with RS485/232 converter, used with Spectrex Host software, enables the user to connect to any available PC or laptop to re-configure settings or perform diagnostics on all 40/40 and 20/20 series flame detectors. 

Refer to manual TM777050 for programming instructions when using the USB RS485 Harness Kit.

P/N 794079 for 200, 300, 700 series
P/N 794079 (none SIL2) P/N 794079 (SIL2) for 700 series


Hand-Held Communicator Kit

A commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics tool for the SafEye 700 Series, which provides verification, status and instructions for changing detector parameters.

Certified IS (EExia) for use in the hazardous area.

PN 799810

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