Armoured Vehicles

In urban warfare scenarios, these vehicles which carry numerous troops and are exposed to enemy fire at a closer distance, are well protected by the SAFE system.

Light Dual Zone System

The system protects the vehicle and Personnel against fires that may occur in the vehicle’s Personnel and engine compartment.

One automatic or manual activation is available for each compartment.

In the Personnel compartment – the system protects personnel by reducing pressure build-up resulting from fuel explosions, limiting skin damage and minimizing formation of toxic gaseous by-products. The system is capable of effectively detecting and suppressing all possible types of fires, i.e. small or large, slow or rapidly growing, limited in area or widely spreading, as well as fuel explosions, which may occur during combat or training service of military vehicles.

In the engine compartment – the system has the capability of detecting fires and successfully extinguishing those fires, at all working conditions of the engine.

Light Dual Zone System Layout

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